Warrensburg Elementary Counseling Center

The elementary school counselors are available to address the social, emotional and academic needs of all students in grades K-6. The counselors work closely with the administration, staff and parents to help our students feel confident, responsible and productive. They counsel, consult and collaborate with families to provide strategies to improve academic and/or behavioral achievement.

Second Step

The elementary counseling staff goes into the classrooms throughout the school year to bring students social and emotional learning through the Second Step program. This program provides an extra dimension to education, focusing on improving cooperation, communication, and decision making.

Uncertain Housing

  • Is your housing uncertain? Click here to learn how the Warrensburg Central School District can help.

Contact Us

Ronda Morris, School Counselor Grades K-6 Elementary School
email: morrisr@wcsd.org
phone: 518-623-9747 Ext 213

Kathryn Fisher, Social Worker Elementary School
email: fisherk@wcsd.org
phone: 518-623-9747 Ext 211

Tyler McKernon, School Psychologist Elementary School
email: mckernont@wcsd.org
phone: 518-623-9747 Ext 114