Warrensburg Capital Project Information

In October 2022, our community voted to approve a capital project that will improve the learning spaces within our schools and ensure our students are prepared when graduating and moving into the workforce, college, military, or trade school.

Over the summer, our Warrensburg Central School District team was hard at work on the logistics of this plan. As part of this project, infrastructure needs such as boiler replacement at the bus garage will be addressed, as well as connecting district systems to the county wastewater system.

New science classrooms, a collaboration space, and future career and technical education-certified program spaces are also being addressed. A space for the Construction Trades course will be renovated and updated. We will continue to update our community through our newsletters and website as we progress through the school year and get closer to construction in spring of 2024.

Highlights of the project

  •   CTE Classroom: Provide dedicated space for our own CTE/Trades programs. The district will collaborate with businesses in our region to provide career opportunities for students to fill much needed jobs in our area.

  •   High School Classrooms: Classrooms will be updated to address modern technology needs.  A collaboration space will be created for projects and activities modeling real world learning.

  •   High School Parking Lot Redesign:  Improvements to the parking lot will enhance student safety and reduce congestion by creating a separate drop off area close to the building.

  •   Bus Garage: The fire alarm system will be updated, flooring will be replaced and LED lighting will be installed.

  •   Elementary School Windows: Replacement of windows at the elementary school with windows that are safe and more energy efficient.

  •   Elementary School Parking Lot:  Resurfacing, repaving and relining the existing lot to eliminate cracks and dips that are unsafe.

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phone: 518-623-2861

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Classroom 305 Rendering

Classroom 305

Collaboration Workshop 1

Collaboration Workshop 1

Collaboration Workshop 2

Collaboration Workshop 2

CTE Classroom 103

CTE Classroom 103

CTE Wood Metal Shop

CTE Wood-Metal Shop

FACS Kitchen

FACS Kitchen

FACS Lecture

FACS Lecture