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Smart Schools Investment Plan

As required by the Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) Implementation Guidance, the Warrensburg Central School District must post a final Smart Schools Investment Plan on its website. This plan is designed for the district to participate in the Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014. The act authorized the state to finance $2 billion for educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunity for New York students. Warrensburg Central School District’s plan is available here.

New York State Education Law requires school districts to post their APPR plans to their district website. Find the APPR plan here.

New York State Education Law requires each classroom teacher and school principal to receive an annual professional performance review (APPR) that results in a composite effectiveness score and rating. All parents/guardians have the right to obtain the APPR quality ratings and composite effectiveness scores for their child’s current teacher(s) and principal(s) once they are available. To initiate this request, please contact your child’s principal in their corresponding school.

ARP ESSER Fund Reporting

The Warrensburg Central School District has received a federal coronavirus relief package of $2,285,301 as through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act.

This funding will be used toward sustaining safe operations of our schools while addressing academic, social, emotional and mental health needs of students resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As required by state education law, the district maintains an ARP ESSER plan and must post this plan on its website. This plan is designed to outline how these funds will be used. The Warrensburg Central School District's plan is below

COVID- 19 Reopening Plans