Referral Process

Preschool Special Education Referral Process

Parents, medical practitioners or community agencies may refer a child to the Committee for Preschool Special Education.

To determine if your child is a candidate for assessment, ask yourself these questions. If the answer is yes to any of them, the Special Education Preschool Program may be able to help.

  • Is my child's learning delayed, or does he/she seem to learn more slowly than other children?
  • Does my child have trouble walking or using his/her arms?
  • Does my child have trouble seeing?
  • Does my child not talk or talk very little?
  • Is my child difficult to understand when he/she speaks?
  • Does my child often not respond when I talk to him/her, or do I have to repeat things frequently?
  • Does my child get upset easily, cry a lot, have temper tantrums, sleeping problems or other behaviors that concern me?
  • When my child is with other children his/her age, do they seem to be delayed in any way?

A referral form signed by the parent/legal guardian is required to begin the referral process. To obtain a referral form or for additional information, contact the District’s Special Education Office Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Phone is 518-623-9747 x 2 and fax is 518-623-3775.

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