Smart School Bond Act

WCS has been allocated $1.06 million by the State of New York under the Smart School Bond Act.  These funds are provided as a way to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure within the schools of the State.  WCS plans to use these funds in phases, based on priority and ability to manage projects.  Below you will find a summary of proposals for Phase I.  Links are provided for more detailed information.  Comments and questions are encouraged by emailing

District:  $1,062,079 Total State Allocated Funds
Phase I - $266,390 Actual Costs
Remaining Funds $795,689  

Phase I Projects  Estimated Cost Realized Cost  Summary (Detailed plan linked below.)
Infrastructure:  $197, 878 $137,006  Expand wireless access to all classrooms and common use areas in district buildings.
Install cabling for expanded wireless.
Upgrade switching infrastructure to accommodate wireless.
Upgrade fiber cabling to support upgraded switching.
Increase Internet bandwidth provisioning from 40 Mbps to 80 Mbps.
Security:  $90,105  $85,392 Upgrade public-address (PA) systems in district buildings, utilizing existing speakers and clocks where appropriate. 
Install security monitors in administrative areas.
Classroom Tech: $44,000 $39,992 Purchase Chromebook carts for use in classrooms. 

Smart School Plan
Phase I plan submitted for approval.
Amendment - Phase I
Amendment to Phase I plan reflecting actual costs. Contact email. 

Smart School Investment Plan Update - December 4, 2017
Smart School Investment Plan - Phase I - Amendment I was submitted for review.  The amendment fulfilled two purposes:  1) to return unspent phase I funds ($65,593) back to Warrensburg's pool of remaining Smart money and 2) to request architect fees ($6,748) be considered for reimbursement.    

Smart School Investment Plan Update - November 8, 2017
As of November 8th, 2017, all proposed projects associated with phase 1 of the District Smart School Investment Plan have been completed.  We will now proceed to file an amendment so unused funds are credited back to our Smart School balance. 

Smart School Investment Plan Update - October 23, 2017
Smart School Investment Plan - Phase I was approved by State Ed on January 13th, 2017.  As of October 23rd, 2017, the District has completed all proposed projects with the exception of final adjustments to the PA systems.  This remaining work should be complete in the next few weeks, thereby allowing us to submit to the State for reimbursement.  

Smart School Investment Plan Update - April 19, 2016
On April 11th, 2016, the Warrensburg Board of Education held a public hearing and approved Phase 1 of the Smart School Investment Plan.  The plan has been submitted to State Ed for review and the District hopes to receive approval in July.

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